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OSHA Compliance Training for MA

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The industry of Medical waste disposal is highly regulated for safety and as a result, it requires multiple Massachusetts state and local licenses in order to operate. In addition to the necessary licenses, there are specific regulations to deal with depending on the type of medical waste being generated and the type of facility generating the waste.

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a federal agency that enforces and assures that all strict workplace safety conditions are being met. Medical Waste falls into the hazardous materials category which means that handling and disposing of this waste is subject to OSHA regulations and enforcement.

MA state and local authority has several levels of regulatory supervision overseeing the safe handling of biohazardous waste materials such as used sharps (needles), syringes, lancets and other infectious materials which are subject to multiple Mass state compliance requirements. Our local team of biohazardous waste dispatchers are licensed to dispose of all types of medical waste bins, containers and kiosks, making sure you are 100% compliant at all times with MA OSHA regulations.

OSHA Training for Employees
It’s not just the pickup and disposal of your medical waste that needs to be compliant with all OSHA laws and regulations. All working employees who come into contact with medical waste must go through a periodic training process as laws evolve in order to prepare them for safe handling of their companies specific waste. At Mass Medical Waste, our teams of professional workplace safety trainers can train your employees on all of the changing requirements of safe medical waste handling. Mass Medical Waste will ensure that your team is fully compliant with all OSHA regulations at all times.

Why Choose Mass MedWaste?

Choosing the right company to handle your used sharps disposal and waste management needs is an importance decision for your company in a highly regulated industry where there are penalties for violations. Trust us to help you remain OSHA compliant. Call us today and see for yourself how Mass Medical Waste is the best partner to handle your OSHA compliance for safe medical waste disposal.

Our fully OSHA compliant service includes:

  • Set called or regular convenient pickup scheduling options
  • Workplace compliance training (for safe handling)
  • Protective gear worn on waste pickup, handling and disposal
  • Off-site disposal and destruction of biohazardous waste materials

Call us now at 617-336-1300 and begin saving at least 30% off your Mass medical waste disposal provider.

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