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Mass Medical Waste Disposal Services

Are you wondering “Who is the best medical waste disposal company near me?” Here are just some reasons why Mass MedWaste is the company you are looking for.

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  3. Guaranteed Savings – In addition to having zero hidden fees or surcharges, we guarantee savings of at least 30%!! We take great pride in our transparent and honest pricing.
  4. Flexibility – With our Flexible schedules and reliable on-time pickups, your medical waste needs are completely worry-free. We are provide both “on call” and set scheduled pickup options.
  5. Full OSHA Compliance – We are always in full compliance with all Federal, Massachusetts State and local regulation. Our staff members are thoroughly trained to assist our customers in staying safe and adhering to all MA regulations as well.
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Who is the best medical waste disposal company in your area? Well, you will saving at least 30% off your current medical waste provider – guaranteed. Call us now at 617-336-1300 for a free quote to find out just how much you will save in medical waste expenses.

Mass Medical Waste Services

Looking for the best medical waste company near your area? We provide these services:


We can safely dispose of your hospital’s used sharps and medical waste.

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Nursing Homes

Let us keep your Mass assisted living facility safe from biohazardous waste.

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Allow us to dispose of your used laboratory supplies and/or equipment.

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Sharps Pickup

Click here for the complete list of our sharps disposal and medical waste services.

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Healthcare is similar to other industries in that it both requires materials and generates waste. Locations include clinics, hospitals, labs, nursing homes, and anything similar where health is maintained waste is generated. Waste material from healthcare locations is different from normal refuse, however. Any solid waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of humans or animals. Is considered regulated or medical waste. Attempting to dispose of these materials in a normal landfill can be extremely hazardous to people, animals, and the environment. More lives can be infected with disease or be exposed to dangerous materials unless the various types of medical or regulated waste is disposed of properly. Medical waste in Mass is subject to various laws that carefully regulate how it is disposed of. You may be asking yourself, "who is the best medical wastes company near me?" Mass MedWaste is the most compliant and trusted sharps needle disposal and biohazardous waste company in MA.


Medical waste can include a variety of materials. Each one is generated and disposed of in specific ways. These types can include but are not limited to chemotherapeutic, pharmaceutical, pathological, and overclassified waste. Chemotherapeutic is material that is contaminated with materials from chemotherapy such as gloves, gowns, towels, syringes, IV bags and their tubing. Pharmaceutical waste refers to anything used to diagnose, cure, fight, treat, or prevent disease in living animals or people. Pathological waste includes the tissues, organs, body parts and fluids which can even potentially infect others through contact. These materials must be treated as though they are infectious regardless of the source. Both the material, and the container must be disposed of in a way to not harm others or the environment. Overclassified waste is a blanket term referring to all the other forms of waste generated. This refers to items like outdated pharmaceuticals, documents of sensitive nature, or any other waste that needs to be disposed of in a secure manner.Medical waste in Massachusetts is regulated for your safety both in handling and elimination. Any group handling it must do so with utmost care and diligence. Understanding how best to eliminate risks of infection or hazards must also be aware of the laws and OSHA requirements of dealing with medical waste in Massachusetts. We are a specialized group of experts affiliated with a larger chain of medical waste specialists. Mass Medical Waste understands the dangerous nature of medical waste, and how to properly dispose of it. Our expertise allows us to handle the above mentioned forms of medical waste in addition to sharps, red bag waste, isolation waste, and other forms of regulated medical waste. Each member of our teams are fully licensed and insured in the state of Mass, and we constantly ensure our compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines. This familiarity with the laws and requirements allows us to be prepared to handle whatever regulate or medical waste in Mass you need disposed of. Furthermore, that expertise can be taught. Our understanding of these requirements allows us to help train your staff to be experts as well. We are proud to offer specialized training in the handling of regulated and medical waste in Mass. This can ensure your staff is both familiar with the handling procedures and is fully compliant with OSHA. We are able to dispose of the material, but your staff is there at its creation and should be prepared and aware of how to handle such. If you are unsure in any way, we are glad to step in and help you protect your people. Our training can ensure your staff avoids injury or risk while dealing with medical waste in Mass.


The hazardous nature of medical waste in Mass requires specialized care and transportation. Mass Medical Waste serves a wide variety of locations locally, and is ready to help you as well. Our local teams are fast and ready to help you with your company’s needs. Both regulated and medical waste in Mass must be eliminated properly, and the way such is done depends on the nature of the material. It cannot be simply taken to a landfill with normal refuse. Depending on the nature of the waste, it can be incinerated to destroy the biohazardous waste material or put in an auto-clave. The latter destroys any possibility of infection, and can allow some materials to be reclaimed as sterile and available for use. This allows for cheaper materials to be obtained and cuts on the need for new materials. This allows lower costs in obtaining safe tools and materials. Other materials can be neutralized with proper chemicals such as bleach. Knowing what process is best for a given form of waste is a major part of our specialized field. Mass Medical Waste serves New England with a vast network of local medical waste disposal locations. This provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to properly handle a variety of regulated and medical waste in Mass. This understanding gives us an advantage when neutralizing or eliminating medical waste that few others can claim.


Mass Medical Waste is a prompt and professional group with focus on handling your biohazard waste disposal needs quickly and efficiently. Our expertise and experience with biohazard waste disposal allows us to avoid the red tape that can come when dealing with licensed individuals following multiple levels of state regulation. Mass Medical waste offers a simple and up-front business model. We do not use contracts to lock customers into long-term agreements. While we look forward to serving your location for a long period, you can stop our services quickly and easily if the need arises. We also provide a clear and transparent billing statement so you can see precisely where the costs are accrued. No hidden fees or strange charges. Our focus is on handling your regulated and medical waste in Mass efficiently and properly. The excellence we provide is based on the fully-trained and licensed staff being ready to comply with local, state, and federal laws in dealing with regulated or medical waste in Mass. OSHA compliant in every way, we are able to help you remove what must be taken care of quickly and in the safest possible method.


The biohazardous nature of this type of refuse is why strict laws are in place regarding medical waste in Massachusetts. OSHA has very clear guidelines regarding the safe handling of the material prior to disposal. This protects the safety and health of employees, patients and visitors in a workplace where dangerous materials are present. Employees must be trained on what to do and how to act around these hazardous materials. Remaining up to code with the laws is among the highest priorities for Mass Medical Waste. Our professionals are fully licensed and trained to work with all types of medical waste generators. The size of our company and number of locations allows us to be able to handle many different forms of medical or regulated waste with facilities that many smaller companies cannot accomodate.


We are proud to not only to safely remove your biohazardous medical waste in Mass, but also to help train your employees on the standard procedures of handling biohazardous material. Before Mass Medical Waste can remove your unwanted material, your on-site staff must deal with it as it is created as well as stored. To ensure the safety of your people, we are prepared to help reinforce and teach the laws concerning this subject. We will come to your workplace and educate your staff on handling and storage of regulated or medical waste in Massachusetts. That way your people are both safe and following the laws of your area until we can arrive and remove the material from your site. The specialists that we employ can ensure your staff also become specialists through training and education. When asking yourself "who is the best medical waste company near me?" look no further than Mass MedWaste, we promise to surpass your expectations.

Save at least 30% off your current Mass medical waste provider.

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