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Waltham Medical Waste Services

We have been servicing nursing care and funeral homes, private practices, labs, private practices, medical centers, hospitals, dental offices, tattoo and piercing salons, and any other business where medical and biohazardous medical waste needs legal and safe disposal for more than five years and has cultivated many solid relationships with businesses in greater Boston that produce medical waste.

The handling of biohazardous medical waste is overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Consideration, the (DOH and DEC respectively) work together to share appropriate technologies in order for all RMW (Raw Medical Waste) facilities like ours to be at the cutting edge of safe handling. In addition, Mass Medical Waste is proud to meet or exceed the OSHA standards and is re-certified yearly. On our website, you can view our compliance records with OSHA regulations. We offer a portal directing you to the actual results at OSHA right from within our site.

Waltham is a city located in the state of Massachusetts, in Middlesex County. Waltham was the original home of the Boston Manufacturing Company. Now the city is a center for research and higher education. Waltham is home to Bentley University as well as Brandeis University. The population here is about 60,636.

Waltham is often referred to as Watch City. This is because of the association it has with the watch industry. Waltham Watch Company opened its factory back in 1854 and was the very first company to make watches on an assembly line. At the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition it won the gold medal in 1876. The company had produced over 35 million watches, instruments, and clocks before it closed down in 1957.

Waltham has many different schools, both private and public. Some of the private schools include, Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School, Gann Academy, Saint Jude School, and Carroll School. A few of the public schools include Waltham High School, Kennedy, Plimpton, and Stanley are in the Waltham Public Schools system. The schools sports teams used to be referred to as the Crimson and the Watchman, before they changed the name to the Hawks. The zip codes of Waltham are 02451, 02452, 02453, 02454.

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